UPPDATERA Utensil Tray Light Bamboo


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Spend less time hunting for stuff and more time doing what you like. This utensil tray keeps ladles, whisks, and other kitchen tools in place, while the bamboo adds a warm and natural touch to your space.

Elevate Your Kitchen Organization with the UPPDATERA Utensil Tray Light Bamboo

Experience efficient kitchen organization with the UPPDATERA Utensil Tray. Crafted from light bamboo, it brings style, sustainability, and customization to your daily routines.

Introducing the UPPDATERA Utensil Tray: Your Kitchen’s Stylish Companion

Discover a practical and stylish solution to keep your kitchen utensils organized.

Crafted with Care: The Beauty of Light Bamboo

Explore the exquisite craftsmanship and natural beauty of the UPPDATERA Utensil Tray.

Kitchen Efficiency Redefined: Organize with Ease

Enhance your kitchen efficiency as the UPPDATERA Utensil Tray brings order to your cooking space.

Flexible Compartments: Customized for Your Needs

Experience the convenience of flexible compartments designed to cater to various utensil sizes.

Sustainable Elegance: Embrace Eco-Friendly Living

Make a sustainable choice with the UPPDATERA Utensil Tray, crafted from light bamboo for an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Beyond the Kitchen: Versatility in Organization

Unlock the versatility of the UPPDATERA Utensil Tray, extending its use beyond the kitchen.

Effortless Maintenance: A Tray That’s Easy to Love

Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with the UPPDATERA Utensil Tray, designed for both function and convenience.

Streamlined Aesthetics: Elevate Your Kitchen Decor

Experience the seamless integration of the UPPDATERA Utensil Tray into your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Tailored to You: A Tray that Understands Your Needs

Discover a utensil tray that adapts to your unique organization requirements.

Elevate Your Lifestyle: UPPDATERA Utensil Tray’s Difference

Upgrade your daily routines with the UPPDATERA Utensil Tray, where functionality meets sophistication.


Width: 10.0 cm

Depth: 49.5 cm

Height: 5.6 cm

UPPDATERA Utensil tray, light bamboo, 10x50 cm

Additional information

Weight 0.66 kg
Dimensions 51 × 11 × 6 cm
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