FLÅDIS Basket Seagrass


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You may opt to have the handles raised to conceal your items or lowered to reveal them. Handwoven and adding a natural and true expression to any room, this multipurpose basket has several uses.

FLÅDIS Basket Seagrass: Embrace Nature’s Charm in Organization

Introducing the FLÅDIS Basket Seagrass – a captivating blend of nature’s charm and effective organization. Elevate your living spaces with rustic elegance while maintaining order. Crafted from durable seagrass, it brings nature’s touch into modern living. Bid farewell to clutter as you embrace the multifunctional appeal of this basket. Its versatile design adapts to your needs, fostering an organized and serene environment. Transform every corner of your home with the FLÅDIS Basket, where style meets functionality seamlessly. Experience the gift of natural elegance in organization and elevate your space with eco-conscious living.

FLÅDIS Basket Seagrass – Your Organic Storage Solution

Discover the FLÅDIS Basket Seagrass, a symbol of natural beauty and functionality. Elevate your space while embracing a more sustainable and organized lifestyle.

Nature-Inspired Organization with FLÅDIS

Experience the essence of nature’s elegance with the FLÅDIS Basket Seagrass. Immerse yourself in a clutter-free environment that exudes the warmth of seagrass craftsmanship.

Seagrass Aesthetics for Modern Spaces

Infuse a touch of rustic elegance into modern living with the FLÅDIS Basket. Its seagrass design adds character, elevating your décor while keeping essentials in order.

Taming Clutter the Natural Way

Transform disorder into harmony with the FLÅDIS Basket. Its ample space allows you to stylishly stow away items, turning chaos into an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Crafted for Durability and Versatility

Invest in the enduring appeal of seagrass with the FLÅDIS Basket. Its sturdy construction ensures a lasting companion in your journey toward an organized home.

Seagrass Elegance in Every Corner

Experience the seamless integration of seagrass elegance in every corner of your home. From living rooms to bedrooms, the FLÅDIS Basket adds natural charm.

Beyond Storage: FLÅDIS’s Versatility Unveiled

Unleash the potential of the FLÅDIS Basket beyond mere storage. Utilize it as a plant holder, a stylish accessory organizer, or a centerpiece, showcasing its multifunctional appeal.

Customized Storage Solutions

Tailor your organization to your preferences with the FLÅDIS Basket Seagrass. Its flexible design adapts to your space, allowing you to maintain order in your own unique way.

Embrace Nature’s Elegance with FLÅDIS

Elevate your interior design with the FLÅDIS Basket Seagrass. Its woven texture and earthy tones offer a connection to nature, fostering a calming and harmonious atmosphere.

FLÅDIS Basket Seagrass: Nature’s Gift to Organization

Experience the gift of nature’s elegance in organization with the FLÅDIS Basket. Elevate your space, embrace eco-conscious living, and redefine stylish storage.

Materials & attention

Material Seagrass, lacquer of clear colour


Utilise a dry towel to clean.


Height: 32 cm

Diameter: 25 cm

Min. height: 18 cm

FLÅDIS Basket, seagrass, 25 cm

Additional information

Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 16 × 36 × 36 cm
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