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1 kilogramme Bag of HSD Dishwasher Salt and Water Softener Limescale Prevention
By eliminating stains and watermarks on your dishes, HSD Salt efficiently softens your water, enhancing the cleaning power of your detergent. It is assured that HSD Salt is residue-free.
Its purity guarantees the efficiency of the built-in water softening system in your dishwasher. HSD Salt prevents the buildup of minerals in your dishwasher.

Dishwasher salt 1Kg , suitable for all water softeners

The best dishwasher salt is!
Even when using an all-in-one that has a detergent with a salt effect, utilising dishwashing salt is better for the health of your machine. Try combining this salt with other items from our line of detergent boosters, such as Dishwasher Cleaner, for a truly effective clean.

1KG of salt for water softening

Food Grade Quality British Salt 1KG Water Softening Salt Best For Laundry Kitchen Dish Washing Industrial & Hotel Use Effectively Soften Hard Water 100% dry vacuum salt was used to create the product to assure purity. produces superior grade products quickly.

washing dishes

water conditioner You may use fewer cleaning agents per wash since salt softens the water that enters your dishwasher.

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