• Garden Twine TBC

    Home Stuff Garden Twine Roll, 200 Meters – Durable & Strong, Perfect for Household & Gardening Tying Needs – Wrapping and Gardening, Tying Down Covers, Weatherproof Multiple Use Line Tie (1 Pack)


    Great for Arts & Crafts
    Unleash your creativity in arts and crafts with our 200m garden twine. It offers endless possibilities for various DIY projects, from weaving intricate patterns to creating unique textures in your artwork. Its robust yet flexible nature makes it a fab choice for a wide range of crafting endeavors.

    Fabulous for Flowers Arranging & Hanging.
    Elevate your floral arrangements with our Garden Twine. The versatility of this horticultural twine extends seamlessly to flower arranging, providing a sturdy yet gentle support for delicate stems. Its great for creating stunning bouquets & ensuring your floral creations stand tall with elegance.

    Garden Twine TBC


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